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Bitcoin player is here to help you

Sleep well and get your time back.

Combine the power of crypto and the Bitcoin Lightning Network with a buddy that can watch and act 24/7.

You are in control

web app

Always a eye open

Always a eye open

Easy to manage

Easy to manage

24/7 standby

24/7 standby

Meet the Bitcoin player buddy

Bitcoin LN
Our friendly little helper.

This little friend runs 24/7 and the brain is made of freely available functions and are used by large communities around the world.

where it is impossible for a single human (or a dozen) to monitor and act on moves in the crypto space it is a easy job for a computer. Born to give back the sleepless nights of chart watching and waiting for the right moment to act.

Bitcoin lightningnetwork

A buddy for LNmarkets.

LNmarkets makes it possible to use the Lightning network with there services. They offer there users a API system to use so they can automate actions.

The buddy will use this to make our lifes a bit easier. It will monitor the Bitcoin price and act when needed.

More about the buddy

buddy faq

The buddy is a custom made script to act as a assitant and can watch the market day and night.

Yes it is, you are in control of the api keys.

If your PL (profit/loss) is higher than the amount you submitted.

Yes, the buddy will run 24/7 without any problem.